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5 Online Health Services, Help Realize a Healthy Life for Those of You who are Busy

These 5 online health services can help you adopt a healthy lifestyle on a regular and measured basis. You can use it on the sidelines of your busy life.

  1. Google Fit

How often do you do physical activity and exercise according to your body’s needs?

If you want to measure how much physical activity and exercise you have done, you can use the Google Fit app . All activities can be recorded and calculated.

First, you can enter your current physical condition, from age, gender, height and weight. Second, you will set some sort of target for how many minutes a day you will be physically active. From there you can log any physical activity (there are various activity options to choose from in the recording feature) along with the duration of the activity.

It’s also easier to track your body fitness by comparing activity records and their effect on your body weight.


Do not have time to visit health workers to discuss your health complaints? can make it easier for you to communicate with health workers, including general practitioners, sports specialists, internal medicine specialists, nutritionists, and you can also consult related mental health with a psychologist.

A range of health articles is also available to provide comprehensive health information for you.

  1. Hydro Coach – Water Drink Reminder and Tracker

Due to being too busy with time, the need for body fluids is often not fulfilled optimally. This is where the Hydro Coach application plays a role as a reminder as well as a recording of the intake of fluids that have been entered, as well as the number of shortages in one day.

As a first step, Hydro Coach asks you to set targets. You can also calculate how much fluid your body needs more specifically, according to your weight, age, and level of physical activity.

  1. Pacifica – Stress and Anxiety

Mental health is often neglected because some people lack practical and simple methods for managing stress. Even though you as a worker have a series of jobs that are often stressful.

In the Pacifica app , you can record how the mood and feelings are at any given time, along with a column to add notes to why you feel this way. This log will help you figure out your detailed thoughts, feelings, and triggers for stress and anxiety.

Pacifica also allows you to set some sort of goals for your stress management program. Not only that, you will get input on relaxation techniques, stress handling, and even access to spilling your heart out through discussion forums.

  1. LifeSum

Healthy food is an important milestone in body health. However, adjusting a certain diet cannot be arbitrary. This is where LifeSum plays a role in calculating how much your nutritional needs are, then creating a daily menu plan, including your “food diary” recording feature.

You run out of ideas for healthy food processing? Don’t worry, a variety of healthy recipes are available to try. Diet is not only aimed at losing body weight, but ensuring that the body is fulfilled with sufficient and quality nutrients.

This line of online services is ultimately just a tool to make your life easier. Healthy living still depends on determination and consistency to live a healthy lifestyle on a regular and measured basis.

Congratulations on creating a healthy life physically and mentally! Happy for you, your family and the people around you.

Health Services

Send Red Roses Online To Bring A Smile On The Recipient’s Face 

Send Red Roses Online To Bring A Smile On The Recipient’s Face 

Distances, many times, make it difficult for some people to be present physically for any special occasions Shop Journey Blog

. Whether it an anniversary, Thanksgiving, wedding, birthday or Christmas, people sometimes can’t make out time to physically present at the event because they live in other city, travelling for business or they are in vacation. They heartily desire to be present at the event, but the distance barrier hinders them from enjoying and sharing the joyous moments with their loved ones. 

So, in such a situation what can do wonders is the red rose which you can send from any far away land by booking it online. Yes, it is possible today to Send Red Roses Online from anywhere across the world without having to personally book it. You can simply book your red rose online and send it to the recipient with a custom message and a cake and a card along with it to make your loved one feel happy and pleased in your absence. 

Image result for Send Red Roses Online To Bring A Smile On The Recipient’s Face 

How Sending Red Roses Online is Helpful?

Many times, people find it difficult to be physically present at the event despite staying in the same city or at the same home. So, in such a situation they can please their loved ones by sending them a red rose online. 

You will also find many ssyoungsters who is unable to express their love and caring for someone in person and words. They want to express their reassurance, empathy and love and passion for their partner, but they are unable to express them in words. Sometimes they are unable to express their love because they believe that it is not the right time to express their thoughts and passion. 

So, for all such situation, a simple red rose can do the wonders for them. They can simply book the red rose online and send it to their loved ones which will simply say all their feeling and love to the recipient without their physical presence. By sending red rose online, they can overcome any anxiety which they have to encounter if they express it personally. 

Image result for Send Red Roses Online To Bring A Smile On The Recipient’s Face 

How to Send Red Roses Online?

Sending red roses to any loved ones online is very simple and easy. There are many online florists that accept orders online for sending red roses to the given address. The online florists will accept your order online and send the ordered red rose to the address of the recipient on your behalf. Upon delivery you will receive the confirmation message from the florists that the red rose is delivered to the address you have provided. This is how simple.

To increase love, gratitude and value of your gift, you can also include other gifts with the red rose like cake or greeting cards. These online florists also specialize in a variety of cakes which you may include in the package of red rose and cake. You can Buy other gifts online, along with red roses and send both the gifts together to your loved ones to bring a bright smile on their face.        

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Display Your Products With The Best Projectors And Enhance The Experience Of Retail

Display Your Products With The Best Projectors And Enhance The Experience Of Retail

Projection and promotion of your products using projects have become a game-changer in the world of retail Rev Interactive Malaysia. When in today’s world, when a customer enters a store, their mind explodes, seeing several different options. While it is beneficial for them to choose the right one for them, it’s somewhere difficult and exhausting.


Walking through the store, going through everything gets the customer tired, so making their shopping experience easy and enjoyable, projection technology was introduced.

Engaging with in-store tech


Enhance your store’s look with projection:

It is very important in a store to add aesthetic elements to attract customers. When you are getting such facilities nowadays to help you see the product just by standing in one place and letting them explore all the products, at one go is considered a smooth shopping experience. As a customer projection will help them understand a product or, let’s say, a clothing’s appearance since that would help them in their selection process and make their retail experience better.


Using projection in different aspects:

Not only could you use projectors for showcasing your products, but if you have home furnishings stuff, and furniture then with the help of advanced projectors, you can project them on floors and walls of your store and give that 3D experience to your customers. You can even play short animations or movies and project your plan or idea behind your products to help your customers get a feeling of attachment and warmth towards your product. Therefore they can have a seamless experience of your store.

Epson and Glass-Media Have Teamed Up To Enhance The Retail Experience – Projector  Reviews


Projection as a front display:

From the heading itself, it must be a bit understandable to you that you can even use projectors as the front display in your stores as it will add to a sustainable touch to your store as well Because you could change it from time to time to show different collections according to your preference and also not waste any paper for putting up posters. 


That’s why projectors are changing the retail experience. It would also show your brand as a contributor to sustainable activities and encourage customers to engage themselves in a brand that works for the environment. You, as a brand, would get your marketing right.


Recent companies coming up with new projectors:

A company called Epson has recently teamed up with glass media to create some great projectors for enhancing the retail experience of the customers. While being one of the top manufacturers of projectors, this time, it hasn’t left one stone unturned.


This time their partnership with glass media has been getting great reviews from various retail stores appreciating its various digital solutions to creating space by de-cluttering with providing cost-effective projectors.


It has laser technology, and their projectors are made so effective that it would save space for the retailers while they can directly project images even to the windows of the store.


And by saying that about this effective projector and its use in the retail sector has only helped the customers and retailers create a memorable shopping experience.

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Best computer games to play

Best computer games to play!
Though there are number of good graphical computer games available to a gamer but few
game developing companies have taken gaming to a new platform Shop Journey Malaysia where they compete and
there is a stiff competition among the games.

The Ultimate Guide To PC Games | 15 Must-Know Gamer Topics
Computer Games: A Blessing In Disguise For Children
Being a child one would always be interested in computer games. Children have immense craze
for these games as these games are quiet interesting and some of them are full of suspense
with loads of excitement. Even a major chunk of younger generation is also involved in playing
these games on a regular basis These games can be downloaded from the internet at available
prices. Several Compact drives are also available in the market.
Why limiting computer games is a good idea?
Though there have been certain research and studies related to benefits of computer games
but its side effects are more to be considered since they have long term harmful effect on a
gamer’s health. Computer games playing in a controllable limit is fine and okay but exceeding
the line would be harmful to a person and has severe consequences.

The Best Games to Play with Friends Online for Free - The Plug - HelloTech
Below are few hazardous effects:
1. Headaches- Prolonged playing of computer games is however harmful for the body
since constant vision on the screen effects has drain on the eye and it can lead to severe
2. Obesity- If a gamer is spending too many hours of a day on his computer then chances
are more that he may have develop obese condition and other health effects.
Therefore, even outside activity is restricted, making children more obese. This health
risk can intensify with time, as the child doesn’t want to play any physical games.
3. Muscle Pain- Generally gamers sit for continuous hours playing games due to which they
may develop muscle pain, blood clotting and other cramps and pains.
Few of them top grossing games are:
1. Age of Empires- This game comes in series and has enormous number of people playing
it. The game is related to historical wars for kingdoms and has attractive visual graphics.
2. Amnesia-The dark descent – This game is quite scary, thrilling and has some spine
chilling sequences. The game has a horrific storyline accompanied with scaring sounds
which is best experienced when played with lights off and headphones on.

3. Battlefield 3- This game also comes in series and so far all parts have been successful.
The game is available in also in multiplayer formats and is a war game where soldiers
are seen fighting the battles.
Playing Videogames Has A Positive Impact On Children
It has been found that video games can make kids healthier, happier and more successful at
schools. This is due to the fact that playing games keep the minds of children in an active state
and make them quick in taking decisions. But as it is said that excess of everything is bad
therefore parents should take care that they do not play these games in excess which may
create eyesight problems.

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Assessment Of Digital Marketing And Benefits for Students

Assessment Of Digital Marketing And Benefits for Students
Properly computerized showcase planning will provide assistance to understudies to discover
their qualified side online marketing malaysia, which they haven't had the chance to see any time lately. You can learn to
think from a commercial and creative point of view and take care of the outcomes of each
decision. In addition, the job showcase is now packed with early marketing of work ads, as
more businesses are heading into computerized phases. This would expand the zone of jobs
that you will be searching for one day after you have finished your studies. You could be a
potential artist, researcher, or solicitor on an occasion. With the Digital Marketing skills
you've gained from your training, you'll be able to make superior strides and showcase all
your attributes at various levels, such as your argument pages, social media pages, emails,
Google Ads, and many others. Even with the emergence of the advanced way of life of
migration, understudies are looking for jobs.

How to Maximize Creative in Social Ads This Holiday Season
Experts Knowledge Of Digital Marketing:
As a range of advanced media and gadgets, businesses are contributing billions of dollars in
computerized exhibiting. Developing the selection of advanced devices and media is
pressuring corporations to revise their showcase strategies. There will be more wearable
devices in the world by 2014 than people. These Digital Marketing trends have heightened
the battle for people's fragmented attention as companies seek to reach, lock in, sell and
support clients through offline and advanced networks. This war is pushing a solid growth of
investment in advanced marketing. Having Advanced Trained would allow you dive into the
opening tub. Preparing by Computerized Prepared would make the industry prepared with the
specified details, common sense knowledge and exposure to appliances and types.
Companies are searching for candidates who can get their trade and can give them assistance
in arranging their market strategies across specialized platforms.

Res: 1920x1080, Go Further With Better Digital Marketing Strategies! |  Digital marketing trends, Best digital marketing company, Digital marketing

 The strategy has been described by business experts who have been active for decades
in overseeing and supporting specialized systems. And it's going to be under
consistent upgrade that suits the updates in the commercial. Learning directly from
business experts will make it possible for you to grasp the process more easily than
someone who instructs on the cloth.
 After you are able to achieve the expected outcomes with less control, you can
become a business resource. Our mission is to train you trained for all the skills you
have defined and consider, so that you can simply become a benefit to the business
where you will be employed. Companies require individuals who are "prepared" to be
enrolled, and as they discover individuals who are prepared, they will continue to
obtain rewards in less time.
 A wide range of possibilities are available for undergraduates who can experience
Advanced Highlighting Preparing for Advanced Trained. Below may be a study from
an ask about the needs of Adobe and E-Consultancy for their computer based relevant
 With the impediments vanishing, the showcase for a trained advanced showcasing
specialist is not limited to India, but to other parts of the world. With the rise in
associated devices and way of life, the prospects are geared for multi-faceted growth,
as businesses are increasingly growing budgets within the context of computerized
displays and are willing to demand a range of specialized showcasing experts to reach
their destinations.

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Why casino games are very popular?

Macau's best casinos | CNN Travel

Nowadays everyone needs a breakthrough in their work life. So, they go on a trip and some people spend their quality time playing games. In some cases, most of the employees like to play casinos in their free time because if they won the match then they can get some amount or prize reward. So only they think spending their time by playing casino is the best. Nowadays everyone works for earning money but why they are working hard is a big question. Because some work for achieving their life goal and some work for enjoying a luxurious life. These two are possible if someone playing casino games at victory 996. Even not every game is like casino games and casino games are fully played with a winning strategy which helps the players to improve business knowledge and skillsets. It is more convenient to play and such a great thing about the casino is the player does not need to go for any place to play the game. Because there is online casinos are available so that everyone can play it in their home or wherever they want. So there are a lot of advantages to playing casinos and that is the reason for its growth. 

Macau Casino GGR Sees 66.2% Increase M-O-M

Advantages of playing casino games:

Already you people know casino games are gambling and every player will face win and loss. Nothing is more important than make you happy. You will be happy when you have nothing to lose. In that sense, playing casino games will provide happiness, money, and peace to the players. There are a lot of advantages and that are all given here. The first one is the player can win more money by playing the game. The second one is they can play online casinos if they are do not want to go out. Even the players can go out and playland casino. There is no major difference between these land and online casino. The third one is the players can get more knowledge about business tactics and other marketing strategies by playing the casino games. The fourth one is the most important thing in a casino game is the players can choose their favorite game to play and there are no restrictions for choosing it. The fifth one is for their first game they can get a welcome bonus from the management for encouraging. So these are all the advantages of playing casino games.

How to choose the best site to play casino games?

There are a lot of websites are available so choosing the best one is the hardest thing. Do not worry about it because there are two steps given and follow those steps then you can choose the best site for playing. The first step is always choosing the website which is having the best customer service. The second one is to choose a website that provides a welcome bonus to their new players. So just follow these two steps and find the best site for playing casinos


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Tak Sempat Makan? BARDOX kan ada…

Jadual Makan Tidak Tentu Jejas Kesihatan Anda?

Adakah anda pernah menangguhkan makan malam kerana berada di tengah-tengah projek? Atau langkau sarapan pagi kerana kerja terlalu banyak?  Tahukah anda bahawa sering ‘ponteng makan’ akan menyebabkan anda berisiko penyakit antaranya diabetes?

Jadual pemakanan yang tidak teratur berkemungkinan untuk anda mendapat  obesiti, tekanan darah tinggi, dan diabetes jenis 2 tanpa mengira berapa banyak kalori jumlah yang anda makan.

Antara kajian yang dibuat, mengapa masa makan yang tidak teratur mempunyai hubungan dengan obesiti ialah apabila tiba-tiba makan banyak pada waktu petang atau malam, tetapi ‘ponteng makan’ pada waktu pagi dan tengah hari.

Banyak proses metabolik dalam badan seperti selera makan, pencernaan, dan metabolisme lemak, kolesterol, dan corak glukosa-ikut yang berulang setiap 24 jam. Makan secara tidak konsisten boleh menjejaskan jadual ‘jam dalaman’ tubuh anda. Gangguan itu mungkin membawa kepada pertambahan berat badan dan risiko kesihatan yang lain.

Jangan Ponteng Makan, BARDOX ada!

nutri bar bardox boleh jadi penggantian sajian anda.

Di dalam dunia yang semakin moden dan pantas, pasti ramai yang kadangkala sukar mahu mengikuti peredaran sehingga  menjadikan rutin makan terganggu, jadual senaman tidak konsisten dan cara hidup yang berdepan dengan tekanan dan stres.  Seterusnya, kadangkala ada yang mengganggu rutin tidur dan mengakibatkan kelesuan.

Oleh itu, BARDOX Nutri Detox Bar menyatukan semua bahan-bahan semula jadi di atas untuk membantu mereka yang sering mahu mengejar masa.  Bar ini juga sesuai untuk pesakit yang mempunyai penyakit tiga serangkai iaitu darah tinggi, kencing manis dan jantung.  20 gram bar ini boleh membantu mengatasi kelesuan, jerawat, kulit kusam, penyakit kebimbangan, sukar tidur, sembelit, masalah pencernaan dan nafas berbau.

BARDOX Nutri Detox Bar ini mempunyai agen yang mudah mengembang dan boleh menyebabkan perut mudah terasa kenyang .  Ia juga mempunyai potensi  untuk menjaga kesihatan gastrousus dengan baik.  Kajian secara klinikal juga membuktikan bar ini boleh mengenyangkan selepas 20 minit pengambilan bersama minuman kegemaran anda setiap pagi.

Di dalam BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR ini terkandung :

  • Kacang ginjal putih
  • Pes kurma
  • Inulin
  • Kismis
  • Madu
  • Kranberi
  • Aloe Vera
  • Kranberi kering
  • Bertih beras
  • Bertis beras coklat
  • Mil oat
  • Minyak sayuran
  • Serat epal
  • Bijian Chia

Biarpun di dalam bar ini mengandungi  kurma merah, kranberi dan mil oat namun ia tidak manis.  Malahan, ia selamat diambil oleh pelbagai peringkat usia terutama yang mahu menjaga corak pemakanan yang sihat.  Di dalam bar comel ini juga mengandungi serat yang membantu untuk pelawasan sempurna selain mengenyangkan.

10 Sebab Ponteng Makan Tidak Elok Untuk Kesihatan

Tiga Hidangan Sehari

Kebanyakan kita telah membesar makan 3 hidangan sehari. Tetapi sukar untuk mengabaikan tuntutan yang bercanggah bahawa makan sepanjang hari atau ponteng makanan adalah cara terbaik untuk mencapai berat matlamat atau tahap kesihatan anda. Seperti yang kita lihat, lebih baik melekat dengan tradisi.

Salah satu kelebihan yang diketahui makan 3 kali sehari adalah  kalori yang anda makan tersebar di seluruh hari supaya anda tidak lapar di antara waktu makan. Walau bagaimanapun, jika anda cenderung ponteng  makan, anda kehilangan trek pengambilan kalori anda. Mudah untuk terlebih makan jika anda tidak mengambil notis tentang apa yang dimakan. Makanan yang dimakan membawa lebih banyak perbezaan daripada berapa kerap anda makan dalam sehari. 


1. Obesiti dan pengurusan berat badan terganggu

Apa ertinya diet jika sering ponteng makan.  Individu yang mempunyai berat badan berlebihan akan lebih cenderung untuk ponteng makan kerana berpendapat ia dapat menurunkan berat dengan lebih cepat. Seperti yang dinyatakan sebelum ini, jika badan terlalu lama tanpa makanan, ia akan pergi pada mod survival. Apa lapar pada masa tertentu, ia akan makan lebih daripada selalu dan akhirnya akan menyebabkan kenaikan berat badan. 

 2. Penyakit diabetes

Badan yang normal menghasilkan insulin dan mengimbangi paras glukosa dalam aliran darah.  Individu yang mengidap diabetes perlu mengimbangi tahap insulin dan glukosa mereka dengan makan 3 kali sehari pada masa yang diperlukan. Oleh itu, ponteng makan untuk pesakit kencing manis adalah idea yang buruk. Melangkau makanan akan merosakkan irama badan dan boleh menjejaskan tahap glukosa dan insu

lin. Apabila paras glukosa atau insulin turun, seseorang mungkin mengalami strok kencing manis.

3. Pancang dalam gula darah

Sesiapa yang melangkau makan, khususnya sarapan pagi atau makan tengah hari, akan cenderung untuk makan lebih banyak pada hidangan seterusnya. Apabila anda melangkau makan, gula darah anda turun kerana karbohidrat dan kalori cepat dibakar oleh badan untuk menukarkannya kepada gula yang digunakan sebagai bahan api. Kenaikan gula darah sama ada akan membuat anda merasa bertenaga, mengantuk, mengantuk, atau ia boleh menyumbang kepada tekanan darah tinggi.

4. Hipoglycemia

Seperti yang dinyatakan di atas, paras glukosa dan gula yang rendah adalah kesan daripada ponteng makan. Seseorang akan mempunyai tenaga yang rendah, sakit kepala, loya atau mungkin mengalami hipoglycemia, boleh membawa kepada disphoria, sawan, tidak sedarkan diri atau lebih teruk, kerosakan otak atau kematian.

5. Tekanan darah tinggi

Penurunan paras gula darah akan membuat hormon dilepaskan untuk mengimbangi paras glukosa yang rendah. Ini akan menyebabkan peningkatan tekanan darah.

6. Sakit kepala, pening dan loya

Tekanan darah tinggi dan hipoglycemia boleh menyebabkan migrain dan sakit kepala yang teruk. Ponteng makan juga boleh mengakibatkan loya, berpeluh dan dalam beberapa kes, pengsan.

7. Keletihan, kemurungan dan tahap prestasi yang rendah

Jika anda berasa lapar kerana telah melangkau makan, anda mungkin mengalami kemurungan sementara, keletihan dan tenaga yang rendah. Badan anda memerlukan bahan api untuk berfungsi dengan betul.  Jika tubuh anda kehabisan bahan api, ia tidak akan berfungsi dengan betul.

8. Nafas berbau

Apabila seseorang melangkau makan, tindak balas kimia iaitu ketoasidosis mula berlaku. Badan mula memecahkan bahan kimia ini dan bau yang tidak menyenangkan mula membiak. Perut kosong mengurangkan pengeluaran air liur. Kita tahu bahawa air liur membantu dalam mengepam bakteria mulut, jika terdapat kurang pengeluaran air liur, bakteria akan membiak dan akan menyebabkan nafas berbau.

9. Ulser perut, gastrik, reflux asid dan sakit perut

Perut akan terus menghasilkan jus pencernaan walaupun anda melangkau makan. Tidak mempunyai makanan untuk tempoh yang lama akan menyebabkan asid perut, gastrik dan reflux asid. Terlalu banyak asid perut akan menghakis lapisan perut yang boleh membawa kepada ulser yang teruk atau lebih teruk, kanser.

10. Pedih Ulu Hat

Jika anda telah melangkau sarapan pagi dan makan tengah hari, ini pasti akan berlaku kepada anda. Kerana anda begitu lapar sepanjang hari, anda akan makan segala-galanya yang untuk memuaskan kelaparan anda. Perut yang kosong dalam masa yang lama  akan memberi tekanan kepada cincin otot perut dan akan membuat jus perut naik ke tekak dan akan menyebabkan pedih ulu hati.


BARDOX Nutri Detox Bar bagus untuk si kaki ponteng makan

BARDOX Nutri Detox Bar bagus untuk si kaki ponteng makan

Tidak mustahil untuk bertemu dengan penyelesaian diet yang tepat, iaitu pengganti sajian yang cukup berkhasiat, enak dan tidak memudaratkan.  BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR mempunyai lima kebaikan di dalam satu bar yang enak iaitu detoksifikasi, pengganti sajian, kecantikan, penjagaan kesihatan dan pelansingan.

Mudahnya semua kebaikan tubuh berada dalam satu bar comel seberat 20 gram ini!  BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR ini diambil sebagai pengganti sarapan dan boleh diambil dengan minuman kegemaran anda, selepas 20 minit anda akan berasa kenyang dan bertahan antara 7 hingga 12 jam. 

Didatangkan dalam pek kuning dan hitam, mempunyai 7 pek bar seberat 20 gram.  Jenama ini juga pernah dianugerahkan dengan  jenama Asia Pacific Super Health pada tahun 2019 hingga 2020.  


Maintaining Health

5 Tips For Maintaining Health To Avoid Disease

A healthy body is everyone’s desire. It’s just that to get it required consistent in doing good habits every day. How to maintain a healthy body is actually not that difficult, you can follow the following tips for maintaining health.

Eating Healthy food and actively exercising regularly

Tips for maintaining a healthy body are influenced by what you consume every day. Eat foods that are high in carbohydrates (brown rice, oats, quinoa, and whole wheat bread), healthy fats (avocado, whole grains, various types of sea fish, and freshwater fish, and nuts), vitamins and minerals (asparagus, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cucumber, mushrooms, cabbage, turnips, pumpkin, peppers, eggplant and carrots), protein (lean meats, dairy products, milk, and eggs). You also need to eat fruits such as grapes, apples, blueberries, oranges, kiwi, lemons, mangoes, pineapples, pears, bananas, strawberries, and so on.

Tips for maintaining health must also be balanced with regular exercise. Besides being good for health, exercise helps prevent and overcome several diseases, such as diabetes, osteoporosis cancer, arthritis, stroke, high blood pressure, and depression. It is recommended to exercise for 20-30 minutes every day.

Not Smoking and Consuming Alcohol

Not or quitting smoking is also one way to maintain a healthy body. Smoking habits are a cause of cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory disease.

How to quit smoking includes regular exercise, adopting a healthy diet, cleaning the house, and finding new hobbies to divert memories from smoking. Apart from not smoking, also stop the habit of consuming alcoholic drinks because this drink can make it easier for the body to contract bacterial and viral infections because your health will decrease day by day. Alcohol itself can trigger several diseases such as kidney, liver, and cancer.

Enough Time to Rest

It is very important to get enough sleep each day to maintain a healthy body. The reason is that adequate sleep helps repair body cells, makes the body fresh, sharpens memory, and improves mood. Sleep time should be done for 7-8 hours a day.

Stress Needs to be Managed 

Stress that is experienced continuously can weaken the body’s immunity, thus making you prone to disease. One way to manage stress is to maintain a healthy body. There are many ways that can be done to help minimize stress, such as doing meditation, exercising, telling stories with people closest and trusted, and doing other positive activities.

Take care of personal hygiene and the surrounding environment

The last tips for maintaining a healthy body are to maintain personal hygiene and the surrounding environment to prevent various germs and viruses that cause disease. Some ways to maintain good hygiene:

  • Wash hands before touching or preparing food, and after eating
  • Wash your hands before inserting contact lenses or doing any other activity where you touch your eyes or mouth
  • Wash your hands for about 20 seconds and rub under your fingernails
  • Bathe twice a day
  • When you sneeze or cough cover your nose and mouth
  • Clean the house and room every day
  • Wash cutlery clean

These are tips for maintaining a healthy body so you can avoid various diseases that you can do every day. Apart from doing the above, it is also necessary to protect yourself with health insurance from Zurich.